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SPA Ceylon
The hall mark of Luxury Ayurveda, ‘Spa Ceylon’ offers extensive Spa menus consisting of more than 25 carefully designed signature treatments inspired by Sri Lanka’s rich Ayurveda heritage and centuries old Ceylonese Royal health & well-being rituals.
An all Sri Lankan team of fully trained highly skilled therapists are on hand to pamper discerning Spa connoisseurs from head to toe, as they experience luxury Ayurveda in a Spa ambience, fusing contemporary Sri Lankan design with old Ceylon charm.
Spa Ceylon has partnered with Sri Lankan Airlines to provide FlySmiLes members the opportunity of earning and redeeming miles by using an array of distinctive spa benefits and treatments. To earn FlySmiLes Miles, members should produce the FlySmiLes Spa Ceylon Loyalty Co-branded Card along with the FlySmiLes Membership Card. One FlySmiLes mile will be earned for every one USD spent by a Blue Member where as two FlySmiLes will be earned by Gold and Silver members for every USD spent
FlySmiLes members who wish to avail any of the products or services sold at Spa Ceylon can call the FlySmiLes Service Centre on telephone +94(0)19 733 3333 to redeem their Miles and will be issued with a voucher to be produced at the Spa Ceylon Shops outlets.
The value of the vouchers and the required miles to be redeemed are below.
Voucher Value (Rs.) Miles required
3,000 5,000
5,000 7,500
10,000 15,000
Your voucher will be able to be used two days after you receive it and will be valid for six months from the date of issue.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Miles can be redeemed only at Spa Ceylon outlets .
  2. Miles redeemed will not be re credited to the FlySmiLes account
  3. Miles can be redeemed by member on behalf of a nominee
  4. The voucher will be valid for six months from the date of issue
  5. The voucher is not transferable once issued.
  6. For nominees a charge of 25 USD will be applicable.
  7. 2000 FlySmiLes Miles to be kept as a balance in the account at the time of redemption.
In addition this partnership paves the way for Spa Ceylon Loyalty Members to convert their Spa Ceylon reward points to FlySmiLes Miles at the rate of four Spa Ceylon Points to one FlySmiLes Mile. Spa Ceylon Loyalty Cardholders who are not members of FlySmiLes need to enroll in the FlySmiLes programme by logging on to our website
To convert Spa Ceylon loyalty points to FlySmiLes Miles cardholders can contact Spa Ceylon customer care or call over at any Spa Ceylon outlet.  
For details please visit

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