FlySmiLes Partners - Nexus
Initially launched as a loyalty card for Keells supermarkets in Sri Lanka, Nexus has gradually grown into a coalition loyalty program with over 40 merchant partner stores. Continuing to grow and expand its partner base and in its focus of providing value to its loyal cardholders they offer discounts on selected essential products at Keells Super and monthly offers from partner merchants.
This strategic relationship with Nexus and FlySmiLes will equip Nexus Card Holders to use their Nexus points to avail exciting travel experiences with SriLankan.
FlySmiLes members can now convert their Nexus Reward points to FlySmiLes Miles at the rate of 1.6 Nexus points to 1 FlySmiLes Mile.
To convert Nexus Reward points please contact Nexus Call Centre on 0777 733833 or log into . Nexus Cardholders who are not members of FlySmiLes need to enroll in the FlySmiLes programme by logging on to
General Terms and conditions
  • Valid for FlySmiLes members who are part of the Nexus Loyalty Programme in Sri Lanka who wish to convert their Nexus Points to FlySmiLes Miles.
  • The conversion rate from Nexus points to FlySmiLes Miles shall be 1.6 Nexus points to 1 FlySmiLes Mile.
  • The Minimum Nexus points required for the transfer of Nexus Points to FlySmiLes Miles is 1600 points.
  • The conversion of Nexus Points to FlySmiLes Miles over and above the Minimum requirement of 1600 Nexus Points shall be carried out in slabs of 160 points.
  • Once Nexus points are converted to FlySmiLes Miles they shall not be reconverted to Nexus Points.
  • Following the successful conversion of Nexus Points to FlySmiLes Miles, the FlySmiLes Miles shall be governed by the standard terms and conditions of the FlySmiLes Program.
  • If the Nexus Card Holder is not an existing FlySmiLes member, enrolment to FlySmiLes Program is required prior to converting Nexus Points to FlySmiLes.
  • Nexus points shall be converted to FlySmiLes Miles within Five (5) working days of the Nexus card holder making the request in the manner stipulated.
For further details please visit
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